Hongchan Choi

Bridging Music, Web Technology, and Mentorship

A musician, engineer, and mentor, Hongchan is passionate about shaping the future of web platforms for music technology, fostering the next generation of creators. His doctoral research at CCRMA, Stanford university (2010-2014) under the guidance of Jonathan Berger, Chris Chafe, and Ge Wang explored collaborative music creation on the web, resulting in the thesis titled "Collaborative Musicking on the Web".

Currently Hongchan leads a team of engineers at Google Chrome, spearheading the development of cutting-edge web capabilities as a Tech Lead and Manager. Beyond Google, his leadership extends to the web development community through his co-chair role in the W3C Audio Working Group, where he collaborates with industry professionals to design advanced audio features for the web platform.

Hongchan's passion for fostering the next generation of music technologists is evident in his role as an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. His commitment extends in and out of the classroom, as he actively mentors and coaches students and early-career researchers/engineers.